Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Surveys (Fashion, News, Entertainement,Food, Sports, Music. Theatre and much much more)

I will survey my friends and i have many over 2000 and will ask them various questions and will gather the data from their answers and then compare the current trend and give you both versions for you to decide whether to follow the mass media campaigns of constant advertisements about their fabulous and flawless products or choose things that suit your own unique individuality.
Do You Want to Conform to the Masses? This is something that only you can answer.

I personally love the latest trends and i want to know all about them and tell others about them as well and also i want to tell them what i really think about them. Of course you have to first try before you put them down and write off as no good, so i will stay unbiased and let you see both sides of this.
Can you afford the latest trends? Should You get it because you believe in it and its quality and style or are you just a part of the herd that follows everyone as you see others doing the same thing. Are you jealous? Let's explore all of this.

Current Topic: I have at least 20 pairs of sneakers and i only wear about 5. Question? List your Favorite Brand/Style of the sneaker you wore back in the day and what is your preference now? Are you looking for comfort or for affordability, look, color....WHAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN PLEASING YOUR FEET AND PLEASING YOUR HEART AT THE SAME TIME?

There are so many different brands that we can spend a very long time trying to list them all so in order to skip them for now i will add one at a time as i get responses from my audiences.
Lets Start the list with the brand MITRE (euro soccer brand):
My first responder named this brand immediately after i posed this question and her reasoning for picking and sticking with the brand through thick and thin is their availability of bright colors which she loves and she also commented on another brand that carries sneakers in a variety of bright colors, can anyone guess? Ok, it is Reebok well that wasn't even a surprise but i'll take that, i like their style as well. Of course i need to put my sunglasses on before i start browsing through their bright colored site or is it just the sneakers that are bright colored, either way....always stay protected. So for some people its more about the variety of colors that a brand offers, not necessarily what the hottest sneaker on the market at the moment is. There are loyal customers that once they find the brand they like, they stick with it. Although sometimes its due to the physical attributes of their feet that they need to stay with the brand that can accommodate them. Other times they just love them and the brands keep reinventing and adding more options, colors and even customization where you can have the sneaker of your dream - made especially for you. A lot of people have confessed that ever since NIKE came out with NIKE AIR MAX 95, they have been devoted wearers of them. The colors are cool, the durability is excellent and the comfort is superb. Even my own sister bought two pairs in this hot yellow and in hot pink. The price was a bit steep but as the years went on the price slowly dropped to a more affordable one. NIKE - 
Someone else said that NIKE AIR MAX 95 was the only brand and model they were wearing then and are wearing now but the innovation of NIKE has gone up and the customization of the sneaker had now become in demand with NikeID, which is also super comfortable and will keep you smiling even during a long and gruesome jog.

Adidas....sounds familiar, well it should - it is not just a famous brand but also an international one. Even when i was younger I knew this particular brand as being high end and very comfortable and efficient while workouts or running; sky is the limit on figuring out what you can do with your sneaker wear. . Adidas was a favorite of many back in the day but now people find other brands just as appealing thus NIKE comes into play and is favored just as much and not just the styles mentioned before but others like NIKE Air Trainers and Air Max as mentioned previously by others. 
How about another brand that does not only specialize in sneakers but in other footwear as well "SKECHERS" I really like their Shape-Ups - you walk and at the same time you exercise, that's very good for you to improve your health and your heart. Great physical exercise without the extreme heavy lifting , just walking. The realization here is that they are practical and comfortable and who does not love that, plus if you are petite it'll give you a bit of a height boost.
 For every foot there is a perfect fit sneaker, go out and find yours and make your feet happy.

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