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The Edible Garden - October 16th, 2010 - Cooking Demonstrations at the Conservatory Kitchen at New york Botanical Gardens with Mario Batali, Michael Psilakis and Marc Forgione and Book Signings.

The Edible Garden


Through October 17

     The Edible Garden - October 16th, 2010 - Cooking Demonstrations at the Conservatory Kitchen at New york  Botanical Gardens with Mario Batali, Michael Psilakis and Marc Forgione and Book Signings. 

     The day was gorgeous but windy and there was plenty of food to taste at the NYBG which was amazing. A culinary giant, an Iron Chef of America Mario Batali stepped on the stage to cook for the eager audiences and fans and afterward proceeded to the special area where he did the book signing for everyone who was interested in purchasing the book. The line was tremendous and the signing continued for over an hour. Smiles were everywhere and Mr. Batali was a gracious and friendly with his fans while signing the book "Molto Gusto: Easy Italian Cooking" and also answering questions and giving advice on cooking and shopping for the freshest herbs and veggies.

#1 Mario Batali

#2 Mario Batali

#3 Mario Batali

#4 Mario Batali

#5 Mario Batali

#6 Mario Batali

#7 Mario Batali

Mario Batali
Mario Batali
Mario Batali
Mario Batali
Mario Batali and Anna Kuchma
People waiting in line to get the Cookbook Signed by Mario Batali

The Edible Garden
Recipe featured at the Final Festival Weekend demonstration, 
October 16

Mortadella Ripiena (Stuffed Mortadella)
  By: Mario Batali, chef and author of Molto Gusto: Easy Italian Cooking

Ingredients (Serves 6)
24 thin slices mortadella 
12 ounces fresh soft goat cheese or fresh ricotta, cut into 12 equal pieces
12 fresh basil leaves, plus more for garnish
Extra-virgin olive oil, for drizzling

1.   Stack 2 slices of mortadella on top of each other. Place about 1 ounce of the cheese in
the very center of the mortadella. Press a basil leaf down on top of the cheese.
2.   Fold the bottom of the mortadella over the cheese, then fold over the sides and roll up
the cheese in the mortadella (like a burrito). Secure each one with a toothpick. Repeat
with the remaining ingredients.
3.   In a 12-inch nonstick saute pan, heat olive oil until relatively hot. Add the mortadella
packets, flat side down. Cook for two minutes, turn them over, and cook for one more
minute or until golden brown. You can also dredge the packet in a little bit of oil and
place it on a grill.
4.    Serve the mortadella packets with a fresh basil leaf on top.
                                                                                Recipe courtesy of Molto Gusto (ecco 2010)
     Michael Psilakis - Chef and Owner, Kefi, and Cookbook Author was really fun especially during he presentation. Full of energy and various tips on how to achieve something great tasting opnly with few ingridients available at the herb garden was his task which he nailed perfectly. The Salad "Tomato, String Bean, and Artichoke Salad" was delicious.

#1 Michael Psilakis Chef and Owner, Kefi, and Cookbook Author

#2 Michael Psilakis Chef and Owner, Kefi, and Cookbook Author

#3 Michael Psilakis Chef and Owner, Kefi, and Cookbook Author

Michael Psilakis 
Michael Psilakis
Michael Psilakis
Michael Psilakis

The Edible Garden
Recipe featured at the Final Festival Weekend demonstration, 
October 16
Tomato, String Bean, and Artichoke Salad
By: Michael Psilakis, chef and owner, Kefi, and cookbook author

Ingredients (Serves 4, or more, as part of a larger spread)
¼ pound green beans, ends trimmed
¼ pound yellow wax beans, ends trimmed
1/3 to ½ cup red wine vinegar and feta vinaigrette
2 tablespoons crumbled feta cheese
4 vine-ripe tomatoes, preferably heirloom, cut into rough wedges
3 pieces artichokes   
½ piece cucumber
2 sprigs spearmint 
2 pieces shallot
1 teaspoon dry Greek oregano
½ small red onion, thinly sliced and separated into rings
6 small, picked sprigs parsley, torn
6 small, picked sprigs dill, torn
16 leaves of fresh mint, torn
Kosher salt and coarsely cracked
Black pepper

1.   Prepare an ice water bath and bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Blanch the beans
until tender but still snappy, about 3 minutes, then shock them in the ice water bath
and swish around. Drain well and dry on a clean towel.
2.   In a bowl, combine the beans, vinaigrette, feta, tomatoes, oregano, red onion,
cucumber, shallot, artichokes, and torn herbs. Toss well with clean hands. Taste and
adjust the seasoning with kosher salt and pepper.
3.   If you wish, add toasted chunks of day-old bread, brushed with extra-virgin olive oil
and seasoned with sea salt and pepper.
     Marc Forgione cooked for the audiences
Marc Forgione
Marc Forgione

  • Barbeque Baked Oysters with Bacon Powder and Ararat
  • Barbeque Baked Oysters with Bacon Powder and Ararat
          By: Marc Forgione, chef and co-owner, Marc Forgione

    #1 Marc Forgione Chef and Co-Owner, Marc Forgione

    #2 Marc Forgione Chef and Co-Owner, Marc Forgione

    #3 Marc Forgione Chef and Co-Owner, Marc Forgione

    for the oysters
    ¼ cup all-purpose flour
    ¼ cup unsalted butter
    1 red pepper
    1 jalapeno pepper
    ½ red onion
    2 tablespoon Ararat  
    ¼ cup pepper jack cheese
    2 tablespoons chopped parsley
    2 tablespoons chopped chives
    1 ½ cup milk
    1 dozen shucked hummock island oysters
    1 cup barbeque sauce

    for the bacon powder
    4 thin slices bacon

    1.   Saute the vegetables in the butter, then once soft, add the Ararat. Whisk in the flour
    and cook for about 1 minute on medium heat.
    2.   Whisk in the milk and transfer to a pot. Cook it on medium heat, stirring every
    minute or so for about 15 minutes (until you can not taste the flour). 
    3.   Cover each oyster with the béchamel and brush each with the barbeque sauce. 
    4.   Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake 4 thin slices of bacon until crispy. Pat
    them dry with a paper towel and mince. Leave it in a warm place on a plate lined with
    a paper towel until crispy again. 
    5.   Broil the oysters until the béchamel is bubbling (about 2-3 minutes). Sprinkle with
    bacon powder and a little more Ararat. Serve with lime wedges and cilantro sprigs. 
  • Chili Lobster with Texas Toast
  • Olde Salt Clams, Black Garlic Jus, Braised Pork Belly 
Marc Forgione
Marc Forgione
The Edible Garden
Recipe featured at the Final Festival Weekend demonstration, 
October 16

Olde Salt Clams, Black Garlic Jus, Braised Pork Belly
      By: Marc Forgione, chef and co-owner, Marc Forgione

2 tablespoons chopped garlic
2 tablespoons chopped parsley
1 cup white wine
1 cup chicken stock
1 pound olde salt clams
2 tablespoon black garlic puree
Koppert cress pea shoots
4 Matstutake mushrooms
4 slices pork belly
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Crusty bread
Red pepper flakes

1.   Saute the garlic and parsley in the olive oil until the garlic is toasted. Add wine, stock,
and clams and cover until the clams open. While the clams are cooking warm 4 bowls
in the oven. 
2.   Place the thinly sliced pork belly on each plate, some pea shoots, and thinly sliced
matsutake mushrooms. 
3.   With a slotted spoon, divide the clams into the 4 bowls, then return the pot back to
temperature and whisk in the black garlic puree. Ladle the broth into each bowl and
serve with bread and lots of chili flakes

Here is a Slide show of all the pictures

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Couture Fashion Show on Sep. 25th, 2010 in NYC

Nicholas D'Aurizio 

Flair Designs & Immaculate Enterprises LLC bring to you the official launch of Flair Designs LLC with...
The Halloween Couture Fashion Show
 Saturday, September 25, 2010
Doors open at 6pm
8 BOND Studio @ 8 Bond Street in New York City

The elaborate custom designed head pieces & masks of Flair Designs will grace the runway with Halloween themed and inspired pieces....
Hosted by The Ghost Chicks 

The Ghost Chicks
Your eyes will be delighted by a runway show that is filled with entertainment from dancers, jugglers, stilt walkers and exotic animals!

Fashion Show starts promptly at 8pm
Featuring the designs of Nicolena and Shekhar Rahate from LA Fashion Week 

Special celebrity guest appearance and styling Christina Scali from Diane & Co. 

Christina Scali, Nicholas D'Aurizio, Diane Scali

Diane & Co. is changing the name of fashion. 

We are New Jersey’s finest women's formalwear boutique.  When you shop at Diane & Co. you are shopping where the couture legacy began. For more than 33years, Diane & Co. has helped the everyday woman learn that it is possible to look and feel fabulous.  What makes Diane & Co. so unique is our desire to fulfill our customers' visions. What makes us so extraordinary is my dedication and professional staff.  Each of my employees has received personal fashion training by me and industry professionals to ensure they can provide a level of service that would exceed my expectations.

We treat each of our clients in a unique manner.  Our approach to shopping is different.  We solely provide one-on-one customer service.  When you enter our boutique, you will be greeted with a smile by one of our professionally trained consultants who understand your individuality.

With listening ears, a keen sense of style, and a vision of perfection she will guide you to your perfect garment-limited only by your imagination.

At Diane & Co. you will only find the newest styles and trends in evening and formalwear.  We carry extraordinary gowns, cocktail dresses and suits as well as Sweet 16, Bat Mitzvah and prom gowns.  We also offer special orders and custom designs. To finish off your look, we have the latest styles in accessories and shoes.  What sets Diane & Co. apart from other boutiques is our Prom and Couture Legacy.  Each year, we sell over 3000 prom gowns to thousands of amazing young ladies.  Each of our prom clients are paired with the dress of their dreams.  No matter if you want Princess or Sophisticated, we have it all from over 100 manufacturers.  If you’re looking to leave a lasting legacy at your prom, then Diane & Co. is your destination. It is important to point out that at Diane & Co. we do not allow girls to try on gowns without a parent.  We enforce this guideline in order to provide our clients with the upmost service. Since we cannot place gowns on hold and our gowns are all FINAL SALE, we cannot allow girls to purchase gowns without a parent.  When you’re ready to find that special dress, have your mom or dad set aside some time to enjoy this fun experience.  It will certainly be one you will never forget.

Our Couture Legacy started when several of our clients wanted “over the top.”  They wanted a dress that would make them feel glamorous at their son or daughter’s event or at their upcoming Gala’s.  So we created our “Back Room.”  This spectacular room showcases gowns starting at $2,000 and stretch beyond the imagination.  My staff and I can recreate a gown from top designers that will work best with your shape and vision. Appointments for the “Back Room” are recommended but not mandatory.

Not in the market for a $2000 gown? That’s not a problem. We carry several designers that offer fabulous gowns at reasonable prices.  No matter your budget, Diane & Co. is dedicated to find you the dress you need to make yourself a Lasting Legacy.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and dedication.  At Diane & Co, there is always an owner on site.  We offer on-site stylists and consultants, custom fitters, sewers and steamers.  You and your gown will receive the utmost personal attention.

We have been dressing women like you for over 30 years!
I look forward to meeting you and sharing in your special day!

Here is a slide show of the rest of the evening taken by Anna Kuchma followed by videos from the show as well.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stiletto by Nicole Amy Fragrance Launch on October 19,7:00 pm - 10:00 pm at Gansevoort Park

Nicole Amy holding her new designed perfume bottle of Stiletto Fragrance
Nicole Amy Fragrances will launch her first scent, Stiletto, and   unveil the bottle and package design. 
     It was a lovely evening with great music and friendly people and best of all the entire room was scented with the fabulous perfume which accidentally fell and broke on the floor spreading its aroma all around for everyone to enjoy. Sweet but subtle the Stiletto shaped perfume bottle left great impressions on people who thought that the miniature shoe that people were taking pictures with was simply a decoration symbolic to the name of the perfume, however it was the actual bottle. 
      Nicole Amy herself wore an identical Stiletto's as her new perfume bottle and looked just flawless in the rich fuchsia colored cocktail dress and the black pumps, which wearing the most gorgeous smile on her face. She was glowing. A warm and friendly Nicole welcomed guests and took many pictures with everyone throughout the night. Her family was in attendance as well to support her in this endeavor and to celebrate her success. 
Nicole Amy
Nicole Amy with her matching Stiletto's as the Perfume Bottle

Erica Taylor and Nicole Amy

On the Left Nicole Amy's Parents
     Very tasty appetizers were served throughout the night and everyone seemed to be enjoying them. Another very cool attraction was the Fuji Film Instant Cameras which were at the guests disposal during the evening for their enjoyment and entertainment of taking Instant Polaroid style pictures of each other. At the end of the night there were wallet/credit card size pictures everywhere. The DJ was spinning great music through the night and surprisingly people were dancing and having a great time as the laughter and joy filled the space.    

The DJ

Slide show of all the pictures taken at the event by Anna Kuchma

Shecky's Girls Night Out on October 6, 2010 in NYC

Shecky's Girls Night Out on October 6, 2010 in NYC

Once again this event did not had lots of great people, music and new vendors. I especially liked the on-site tooth Whitening System which is convenient for those of us working folks who have no time to do something nice for ourselves. Here you could have experienced everything under one roof from tasting new and delicious drinks and then drink and food pairings to pampering yourself with teeth whitening or clean fresh breath system - eatwhatever – amazing breath freshener --- EatWhatever

after consuming samples of Lindt Chocolate which was absolutely delicious while finishing the meal with the Skinny Water to keep your figure nice and lean. You could also walk out with a brand new Chic outfit at a very reasonable price and if your feet were hurting you from walking so much you could pick up a pair of really awesome and fashionable yet comfortable flats from Funk-tional-Footwear booth where the inventors and co-owners of the brand were there to demonstrate how their footwear will better your everyday life especially in a big city like New York. Katie Shea is a co-founder of Funk-tional-footwear and Susie Levitt in the video interview below will let us in on their new secret discovery of ending women suffering of wearing high heeled stiletto's in NYC and /or other large cities. They call them the "CitySlips".
So, who are the CitySlip-mates behind these funk-tional flats? We’re glad you asked… the CitySlips “story” is one of our favorites!!! Having lived in the city for three years as NYU students, Susie Levitt and Katie Shea were oh-so-familiar with the pain caused by pointy pumps and strappy stilettos. Their love/hate relationship with these fashion icons wasn’t helped by the fact that these petite powerhouses both stand no taller than 5’2”.
Susie Levitt and Katie Shea

Despite their suffering, they simply were unwilling to (totally) give up on these beloved wardrobe staples. And yet, corporate internships, subway dashes, dinner dates, the NYC social scene… all of the above led to too many moments of hobbling, near tears, back to their Union Square apartments. The front door never seemed to come soon enough.
One too many encounters with shoeless socialites and barefooted babes led to their AH HA moment... CitySlips was born. These entrepreneurial sole-sisters came up with a concept and design that allowed women to carry back-up ballet flats comfortably, compactly, and conveniently. Juggling classroom term papers and corporate term sheets throughout their senior year of college, Susie and Katie enlisted the opinions of friends, the help of NYU professors, and the time of many NYC professionals and mentors. Nine months later (their baby, literally!), they now have a product that is funk-tional, fashionable and affordable! They’re confident that all of you well-heeded women on-the-go will enjoy these fabulous sole savers.

Once you get into your comfortable flats, tastes some chocolate and had yourself some booze go over to the comfort body booth and treat yourself to a relaxing massage:
Now doesn't that make your evening of girlfriend experience complete? One would think so but do not forget that you won't leave Shecky's girls night out empty handed, everyone walks out with an amazing Goody Bag filled with fabulous products.
So here you go your experience is complete. Just now make sure to get yourself home safely. Do not drink and drive.

By: Anna Kuchma

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Enjoy Cocktails, Food & More at the Bloomingdales Pink Party for Breast Cancer Awareness

Bloomingdale's and W magazine are rolling out the pink carpet for the Pink Party. They're closing the store early, so you can party exlusively. Mingle with the W editors Jane Larkworthy and Carolyn Angel for a night of everything pink- Pink cocktails, entertainment, light bits and lots, lots more. You must print out the invitation at the link below to attend the party.

Enjoy a Day of Pampering w/ Free Spa and Beauty Treatments with Tinsley Mortimer in NYC on October 23, 2010

2010 Excellence in Theater Award - UJA-Federation of New York's Theater Division Proudly Presents the 2010 Excellence in Theater Award to Nancy Coyne CEO of Serino Coyne Inc.

Nancy Coyne
     Broadway's elite gathered to honor Nancy Coyne of Serino Coyne at UJA-Federation of New York's Entertainment, Media & Communications Division 2010 Excellence in Theater Award Dinner on Monday, May 24, 2010, at 6:30 p.m. at The St. Regis New York.
Charles Grodin
     The evening, emceed by Charles Grodin, treated Coyne, chief executive officer of Serino Coyne, the largest theatrical advertising agency in America, and her guests to special performances by some of Coyne's best-known Broadway clients, The Addams Family, Wicked, and Promises,
. Many of Coyne¹s dearest friends and colleagues, such as Roy Furman, Michael David, David Stone, and Rick Ellis, paid tribute to Nancy with a video acknowledging the many accomplishments she has achieved in the industry and philanthropic world alike.

     Currently, Coyne represents Broadway and touring productions of A Chorus Line, A Little Night Music, American Idiot, Enron, Fuerza Bruta, God of Carnage, Grease, Jersey Boys, Legally Blonde, Lend Me a Tenor, Mamma Mia!, Mary Poppins, Next to Normal, Promises, Promises, Race, Rock of Ages, South Pacific, Monty Python¹s Spamalot, Spring Awakening, Stomp, The Addams Family Musical, The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera, and Wicked. Nancy is also the representative for the Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center Theater, Big Apple Circus, Cirque du Soleil¹s Banana Shpeel, American Express Entertainment Access events, and more. Her upcoming projects include Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Leap of Faith, and Minsky¹s.
     Coyne has been recognized with high honors for her dedication to the theater industry. In 2004, she received the Tony Honor for Excellence in the Theater and was named one of the top 100 business women in New York by Crain's New York Business.
     In addition to her professional accolades, Coyne is a philanthropic individual who cares for those in need. She is a longtime supporter and contributor to UJA-Federation of New York, and serves on the board of The Actors Fund of America, a nationwide human-service organization for professionals in the performing arts and entertainment industries, and Rosie¹s Broadway Kids.
      The world¹s largest local philanthropy, UJA-Federation of New York strengthens community and helps 1.4 million people in New York City, Westchester County, and Long Island, as well as 3 million in Israel and 60 other countries. Funds raised by UJA-Federation sustain the activities of more than 100 health, human-service, educational, and community agencies. Every day, these community-based organizations provide a multitude of services that improve and enhance people's lives. Visit for more information.
Here is the link to the pictures: 

                                         Steve Karmin, Nancy Coyne and Kate Coyne
Here is the slide show of the pictures.

Monday, October 18, 2010 presents Belle Epoque - 1st Plus Fashion Show during NYFW on Sept. 15th, 2010

The models selected were some of the best in the industry with Ashley Graham, Lizzie Miller, Toccara Jones, Marquita Pring, Sabina Karlsson, Danielle Redman, Lauren Reilly, Tonya Pittman, Robyn Lawley, Inga Eiriksdottir and many more strutting down the catwalk. The clothing was very well styled as well as beautifully presented. The VP of Design, Zahir Babvani, and Designer Galina Monaco  presented a cool color palette that went from light lavendar, to rich purples, to cool blues, to darker denim, then light greens, olives, and then to shades of peach and coral. When all of the models came through for the final walk down the runway the color palettes and transitions between each looked expertly done.

Camilla Hansen and Zahir Babvani

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2011 - at Frederick P. Rose Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center on September 15, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Anna Kuchma)

Video interview with Zahor Babvani -  Designer from the OneStopPlus plus-size fashion show

Link to the rest of the pictures from the show is

Here are the same pics as a slideshow:

Toccara Jones