Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stiletto by Nicole Amy Fragrance Launch on October 19,7:00 pm - 10:00 pm at Gansevoort Park

Nicole Amy holding her new designed perfume bottle of Stiletto Fragrance
Nicole Amy Fragrances will launch her first scent, Stiletto, and   unveil the bottle and package design. 
     It was a lovely evening with great music and friendly people and best of all the entire room was scented with the fabulous perfume which accidentally fell and broke on the floor spreading its aroma all around for everyone to enjoy. Sweet but subtle the Stiletto shaped perfume bottle left great impressions on people who thought that the miniature shoe that people were taking pictures with was simply a decoration symbolic to the name of the perfume, however it was the actual bottle. 
      Nicole Amy herself wore an identical Stiletto's as her new perfume bottle and looked just flawless in the rich fuchsia colored cocktail dress and the black pumps, which wearing the most gorgeous smile on her face. She was glowing. A warm and friendly Nicole welcomed guests and took many pictures with everyone throughout the night. Her family was in attendance as well to support her in this endeavor and to celebrate her success. 
Nicole Amy
Nicole Amy with her matching Stiletto's as the Perfume Bottle

Erica Taylor and Nicole Amy

On the Left Nicole Amy's Parents
     Very tasty appetizers were served throughout the night and everyone seemed to be enjoying them. Another very cool attraction was the Fuji Film Instant Cameras which were at the guests disposal during the evening for their enjoyment and entertainment of taking Instant Polaroid style pictures of each other. At the end of the night there were wallet/credit card size pictures everywhere. The DJ was spinning great music through the night and surprisingly people were dancing and having a great time as the laughter and joy filled the space.    

The DJ

Slide show of all the pictures taken at the event by Anna Kuchma

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