Monday, April 19, 2010

International Playground Store Opening and The Block Magazine Party

On the 15 of April, 2010 - I had the pleasure of attending the Block Magazine party, while it was also celebrating the opening a new boutique, International Playground. The Owners, John and Virginia, concentrate on making sure that they carry new labels from Scandinavia and New York.

When i got there i could not get in ;the crowd was simply blocking the entrance, but as i made it in i realized why. Inside it was beautiful, but a bit loud and everyone was vibing with each other like they knew one another and so i joined this sea of people. I quickly found myself going around and checking out the unique merchandise that this new boutique had to offer. Next stop was to find the owners and talk to them. They were absolutely fabulous. Both polite and pleasant and fashionably dressed like they were supposed to. I was very impressed with the whole evening.

Their selection of designers is absolutely fabulous which includes collections by  Daniel Palillo, Vibe Johansson and Ravishing Mad represent Scandinavia. New York talented designers are represented by  Mary Meyer and Cut-It-Out .

There was a backyard party where you can find Mary Meyer who was custom painting t-shirts, which was definitely a unique experience to witness. A very chill and cool vibe coming from an eclectic and fashion forward group of people gathered to celebrate this opening. You can spot your neighbors from the street and those others who are interested in checking out what the new owners have to offer. It was a bit chaotic because so many people showed up but really fun and crazy. I was seeing and talking to people from every corner of fashion and style and loving every minute.

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