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Made in New York - Annual Spring Benefit Honoring John A. Herrmann, David F. Everett & Russel Simmons

The Jewish Board Of Family and Children's Services  Cordially Invites You To - Made in New York - Annual Spring Benefit -  Honoring
John A. Herrmann, David F. Everett & Russel Simmons.
The Benefit took place on Wednesday April 21st, 2010
                at the beautiful Guastavino's.
The Jewish Board Of Family and Children's Services  www.jbfcs.org/

I attended the cocktail hour which was absolutely lovely. The drinks were flowing the music playing and the entertainers were working hard to please the crowd. Everyone was mingling and talking, making jokes and genuinely enjoying themselves as they sipped on their choice of beverage. The crowd was friendly and open minded to being photographed and were eager to talk to me and find to see how they came out. I assured everyone that only the most flattering pictures will be posted and they have nothing to worry about since everyone looked fabulous.
On the picture L. to R.   Rabbi Marc Schneier, Katie Rost, Russell Simmons, Paul Levine
   A lot of great people gathered for a great and worthy evening to honor three very important and special gentlemen who really made and continue making a tremendous difference in the affairs and programs which they support.

John A. Herrmann - JBFCS Chairman, Board of Trustees
David F. Everett    - JBFCS Vice President
Russell Simmons  - Co-Founder, Def Jam; Co-Founder, Foundation for Ethnic Understanding; Creator of Fashion Lines; Phat Farm, Argyleculture, American Classics.

   The evening's cocktail hour entertainment included an artist Sir Shadow who sat at a table greeting guests and drawing one of a kind drawings from them - right in front of them. He was a very popular attraction, everyone wanted to get a personalized signed copy of his work, which came to life on a sheet of a black paper and turned into the alive vibe of each person whom it was done for. To find out more about him you can check him out at this website: www.sirshadow.com He drew happiness and music on a sheet of paper and one can really feel and see that as each drawing was brought to life.
   There was also  a live band playing while the children from some of the programs that are being sponsored sang their hearts out and later got to take pictures with people whom they admire and who continue to support their cause like Russel Simmons. He made sure that he took his time to do a photo op with the children who were there. I found that to be a very honorable thing and i was moved when i saw that. One thing to sponsor something financially but when you get personally involved and touch each individual's life by actually being there - it makes it mean that much more especially to those being effected by this.

   JBFCS is a great organization because what it does is that it helps those people in New York Metropolitan area who need it. Each day there are numerous problems and without organizations such as this one, many families and their children would not have the means to be able to tend and take care of themselves sufficiently enough for a healthy and happy living. But this their help, there is hope. Philanthropists who help programs like this to thrive - help everyday people deal with their lives on a better level. JBFCS runs 175 social service programs for those in need and they accomplish this by having other people believing and contributing to their cause. The benefit's proceeds are going towards those 175 programs that JBFCS provides to people in need of all faiths, races and cultures without any prejudice.
   Some of the sponsors who contributed products for the exclusive goody bags to the attendees were:
  1. Advanced Derma Laser Tech Inc.
  2. Aestelance
  3. Alcone
  4. Alley O'Designer Gourmet
  5. Amoy Couture Hair
  6. Amrita Singh Jewelry & Accessories
  7. BookSwim
  8. Cape Cod Potato Chips
  9. CBS
  10. Clarins
  11. Dashing Diva
  12. Amiya Prasad, M.D.
  13. e.l.f.
  14. Essie
  15. Equinox
  16. Hillside Organic Candy
  17. KISS
  18. Madade Paulette
  19. Panoramic View Resort & Residences
  20. Popchips
  21. Pure Yoga
  22. Rene Futerer
  23. Serenity Zen Beverage
  24. Solstice Sunglass Boutique
  25. Soul Cycle
  26. Tate's Bake Shop
  27. Tela
  28. The Sports Club/LA
  29. Time Out New York
  30. Vitafusion
  31. Vita Coco 
    Guests and sponsors having a great time during the cocktail hour:
Tony Mann & Guests

Alley O'Designer Gourmet

Russell Simmons and more...

  Katie Rost, Russell Simmons, Paul LevineJean Shafiroff, John A Herrmann, Russell Simmons, Tony Mann

Rabbi Marc Schneier, Katie Rost, Russell Simmons, Paul Levine Guest, Russell Simmons, Katie Rost, Rabbi Marc Schneier

Jean Shafiroff, Russell Simmons, Katie Rost, Rabbi Marc Schneier  

Russell Simmons

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