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Sheky's Girls Night Out in NYC on June 2010

 Every Girl and Woman must experience Shecky's Girls night out at least once when it comes to the city near you. You want a perfect night of shopping, drinks, entertainment, sweets, food, music, pictures, friends, fun and a goody bag to top it all then come and check out what you are missing. Women were lining up around the corner just to get in and start sampling all the new foods, drinks and designers had to offer.
Midori alcohol station was amazing with cute bartenders pouring delicious drinks and a hot DJ Music was surrounding the room
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This year Shecky's consisted of 3 separate rooms that offered something different to tend to your mood. In one room was a corner occupied by a cafeteria of the new microwaveable product from Lean Cuisine which you could sample while sitting down and in the other hand sampling one of the alcoholic beverages you picked up along the way. Also every 30 minutes there were tables for the attendees to experience a pairing of food with beer and a host precisely explained how to take each step in order to get the full flavors of each. There was a take a photo spots around as well; one was at Lean Cuisine where you can get your picture wearing a boa printed out and gifted to you after you sampled their delicious food. Another place was a few steps away where you can be a star and around the corner from there one could really enjoy themselves by taking a picture with one or two hunks working at the Veet booth. See all the pictures from Veet Photo Booth here Veet Photos at Shecky's
Anna Kuchma with One of the Hunk's from Veet - Erik
 All the way in the first room was the are to sample various flavors of Beers, and might i add they were delicious and i don't even drink alcohol that might but the fruity flavors were refreshingly superb and really exited my palate and senses.
The Main room had everything and everybody like the Veet Booth, Midori Sampling, The DJ booth also in Green like Midori operated by DJ Miss Saigon, all the awesome designers with their unique merchandise, cupcakes, some more alcoholic beverages sampling in the back. It had everything your heart desired and all i saw was a sea of floating heads who were soaking in this shopping frenzy carrying around a point accumulation card to redeem for more free stuff by purchasing stuff in the first place and alcoholic beverages of their choice in the other hand. You had walk around carefully so someone would not spill a drink on you. I was cautious as i was also enjoying myself and then i noticed a line for something and it was for a makeover by Maybelline make-up artists right there and then you can sit in their chair and get your make-up done by a professional artist and walk out looking like a million bucks accompanied by a large Sheky's goody bag.
Last room had more shopping and more unique and up and coming fashion, make-up, jewelry and accessories designers whipping out all the goodies that they brought up for grabs at excellent sale prices. The best part of that room was the fact that it had the table where your Goody Bag could be picked up and thus many women flocked to it pretty quickly forming a nice nonuniform line and then looking for a place to sit down most of the girls with their their friends were sitting on the floor and discovering the contents of the bag. Some were trading or giving away the things they did not want or needed but overall it was a blast and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, and i am sure unlimited alcohol had a helping hand in that.
Here is the breakdown of all the things I've seen and tried and more to come. Come and take a tour with me and have fun, lets go window shopping.

Hendrick Brun Shoes
Those pics with Boas. How fun and print as a souvenir afterward.
Lean Cuisine Website
Claudia Chan is the in-house Reporter/President of Shecky's Girls Night Out
Claudia Chan is the in-house Reporter/President of Shecky's Girls Night Out
Claudia Chan is the in-house Reporter/President of Shecky's Girls Night Out
Beer and Food Pairing
Cart with the Food for the Pairing
Free Cupcakes!!!!!!!
CupCakes For Sale
CupCakes For Sale
CupCakes For Sale
CupCakes For Sale
CupCakes For Sale
CupCakes For Sale
Brains Behind the CupCakes and her goal is to create chic and fabulous baked goods and accessories
cupcake provocateur
Perhaps we'll end with the Infamous Goody Bags that one can snag if they attend Shecky's Girls night out!!!!!

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