Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FFaNY - Fashion Footwear Association of New York - June 2010 at the Hilton Hotel

FFaNY - was a wonderful exhibition of various new and hot new trends of fashion and casual shoes. As an exhibitor you were able to really put the merchandise for the viewing to the buyers and get clients to either help you start up your business or continue and see your devoted customers/clients. As an attendee, one can only see so many different shoes in one place at one time. A wide array of glamorous and fashionable shoes of the season were on display from various companies. Here are some pics from the main floor.
I had some time to do a quick interview with the Pink Studio and Shuella.
Here is the Video of the Pink Studio: Pink Studio

Meet Nanette, Mindi, Pheobe, and Clover Ö they’re not just some of your new best friends, they’re your sole sisters. Pink Studio Footwear is a collection of the cute and flirty — simply sophisticated and always feminine. These shoes are so precious and adorable that every woman would want some pink in their closet.
Whether you opt for the adorable signature round-toe flats, the stand-out wedges or the scene-stealing boots, you can be confident that you will be noticed. Each shoe has been created with care, employing exquisite details like contrast stitching and strategically placed buttons with inventive textures and adventurous patterns. With each stride, you know that you are wearing the unique design of Pink Studio Footwear.
When you get the chance to stop staring at how cute your new pair of Pinks* are, say hello to Lisa and Lucy Chang — the spirited sisters behind the brand. Don’t think these trendsetters are looking to just hit the mainstream. Although they’ve already had nods from Lucky, Daily Candy, and various footwear magazines as the hot newbies in the biz, Lisa and Lucy are actually continuing a long family tradition in the world of footwear.
Taking inspiration from vintage clothing, hand-crafted goods, hand-sewn items, and trotting around the globe, these sisters are taking their love and passion for shoes to a different level. As footwear wholesalers, they are paving their own path — bright like pink cotton candy. With the first collections launched in 2002, the batch just keeps getting sweeter. Lisa, the money-savvy-newly-wed-mom continues to handle the business management of the company, while Lucy, the virtuoso designer, continues her travels around the world, constantly updating the Pink Studio collections.
The younger of the two, Lucy, a San Francisco Art School grad, pushes the brand to flourish by adding even more of the unexpected and always loved details in each pair of shoes. And Lisa, the right-brain mastermind, is making sure that these designs are seen by world.
So keep smiling because this dynamic duo continues to step into even more boutiques and venues, spreading the sweetness of pink. With Pink Studio Footwear, cute isn’t just for little girls, they’re for all the ladies that think in pink.

Here is the interview with Rebecca Miller, Founder and designer of SHUELLA

Shuella - Your Shoe Umbrella

I am so excited to finally share my dream and design with you! They're called "SHUELLA”… your shoe umbrella. And as the name states, they are simply that. "Umbrellas for your shoes."
SHUELLA came about because I was frustrated that every time it would rain or there was inclement weather, I had nothing fashionable and functional to wear that would protect my shoes. I looked everywhere and when I could not find anything suitable, I designed and created them myself.
My goal was to design an extremely stylish, durable and convenient product to carry in your purse or briefcase. SHUELLA’S are easy to put on and strong enough to walk in with a slip free sole. I've also included a cloth to wipe off any excess water before you fold them up and put them back in their convenient pouch. I knew if I designed something that met my high standards that they would be perfect for women everywhere.
SHUELLA’S come in sizes just like your shoes and can be worn over any size heel. The fun and fashionable colors will surely brighten up those dreary days. And, of course, I've included classic black. So, don't let the weather ruin your shoes again!

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