Monday, July 26, 2010

Inception - Movie Review - The IMAX Experience-Leonardo DiCaprio

I had the pleasure of watching a movie directed by Christopher Nolan called "Inception" 2 days before it hit the theaters for the public and i can say that it was quiet an experience to have. Walking out from this two hour something long movie and seeing it so up close and personal i felt as if i just walked off a battlefield alive. Some scenes were so loud and violent that they took over my whole body and almost distracted me from the movie viewing experience. But soon the noise of the guns going off in every direction subsided and the movie kept on unrolling its deepest secrets onto the screen and throwing various puzzles for the audience to solve or just leave us hanging for an open interpretation in regards to what was really happening.
 This was one increadable movie, one to remember and reference to for years to come. I loved the fact that once it came out in the theaters nationwide anyone whom i was in contact with could not stop talking about it. Whether it was the plot they were fascinated with or a discussion about the ending of the movie or its entire concept. I walked away satisfied yet there was something missing due to the movie's ambiguous ending and my want for Leonardo DiCaprio's character Mr. Cobb to find a likable resolution to his situation.
    Here is my ticket to the screening, just thought I'd share this with you; i love keeping souvenirs.
Below is the Cast of the movie according to IMDB.


  (Cast overview, first billed only)
Leonardo DiCaprio ... Cobb
Joseph Gordon-Levitt ... Arthur
Ellen Page ... Ariadne
Tom Hardy ... Eames
Ken Watanabe ... Saito
Dileep Rao ... Yusuf
Cillian Murphy ... Robert Fischer, Jr.
Tom Berenger ... Browning
Marion Cotillard ... Mal
Pete Postlethwaite ... Maurice Fischer
Michael Caine ... Miles
Lukas Haas ... Nash
Tai-Li Lee ... Tadashi
Claire Geare ... Phillipa (3 years)
Magnus Nolan ... James (20 months)

Definitely a positive review, loved the movie will recommend it to others. This film in currently on the list of being a hot new trend in Hollywood and everyone is talking about it on the entertainment side.
The world that it displayed in the film is almost magical due to the sleep traveling and what it can do. One cannot believe their eyes while watching what is happening on the screen; the streets bend into perfect circles, people who are no longer with us reappear and become alive, and the traveling can go as far as 4 levels deep. The problem is discerning dream from a reality by 1. - Having your own totem and 2.- having someone do the designated procedure for you to come back; like tilting you back on a chair as if you are falling for you to come back to reality. Another major problem is the time which compared to the reality is much slower in the dream world; in the movie it is concisely described in mathematical terms. Do people age in the reality while they are sleeping and how much do they age like Mr. Cobb who spent 50 years in the dream world with his onscreen wife Mal and then came back but we don't know if he changed and did their children change alongside with them. This movie makes you really think about many aspects of its concept and the concept of humanity and what people are capable of.
Bottom line, love the movie but it will take me few more viewings of this film in order to really comprehend it. One thing i learned was only after i thought about the fact that in the end there is nothing definite, it is open for interpretation. I interpreted it as if he never left the dream world either because he stayed in the limbo for too long and was lost to its bottomless space or he has accepted the dream world as his reality like his wife did because he wanted it to be that way so badly, but what i missed was the important point of the totem which i thought was supposed to tell you whether you were back to reality or not and his which was supposed to stop spinning did not and therefore the assumption on my part was that he did not come back. However what one needs to know is that it did not matter if it kept on spinning or not because it was his wife's totem and not his. The audience has to speculate and guess what it was and one theory is that it is his wedding ring which apparently is on his finger only when he is dreaming and is not there when he is in the real world.
The possibilities are endless, what does your ending look like?

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