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USA Network's Character Approved Awards reception at The IAC building on February 25, 2010 in New York City

The Fly (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

Star of the USA show Burn Notice - Jeffrey Donovan.
He is the spy who got Burned and now he is fighting to reinstate his status. 

He is the doctor who made one mistake that cost him a whole lot. However he had made a full recovery by now tending his private services to the wealthy crowds, keeping their secrets safe - meet the Star of USA show Royal Pains - Mark Feuerstein.

Saffron Burrows - Can be seen on the USA show Law and Order: Criminal Intent with her Co-star Jeff Goldblum.
She is not just another pretty face but a great achiever and an accomplished actress who has been in films like Troy alongside with Brad Pitt, Frida is another great film, Deep Blue Sea, Circle of Friends and many more projects in Television and Film. Not to mention she is also was a SAG nominee, two thumbs up to that!!

Jeff Goldblum - Is now a new  Detective Zach Nichols and also Saffron's Co-star on the USA show Law and Order: Criminal Intent.
He is a very well know and loved actor by many and now he returns to New York for the time being to join the cast and the family of the USA Network.
In 1986 his name was known worldwide after the release of the movie -The Fly. Ever since that he has been making movies and leaving his mark everywhere, solidifying his name and his work into history.
Matt Bomer - The Star of a new hit USA TV Series -The White Collar - plays a character by the bame of Neal Caffrey; a white collar criminal who is too good at what he does.
Matt has confessed that one of his favorite designers whom he is wearing tonight is Calvin Kline (all over). He might not have as many credits as some other actors but he is not new to the business plus he is a great actor and a great person, which is a great combination. He is sharply dressed and is enjoying his life being in a very successful show which is now starting to film its second season. Soon he will become another household name. He is a celebrity who looks good and his acting chops and character charm has wowed audience all over.

Tim Dekay - Is Peter Burke on USA Series White Collar. He is the only agent to catch Neal Caffrey twice and then make him part of the force (one of the good guys). This actor has been in the industry for over 15 years and now the time has come for him to not just shine but become and be the one whom he always wanted to be. His TV personality sparks the set and makes it come together. Neal and Peter's relationship is the one that makes the show a hit. Can't wait to see what the second season will bring. So far we know that "Peter is the only one who can change Neal's mind", and it is a good thing that he did - otherwise who knows if there would be a second season.

Tiffani Thiessen - Plays Peter Burke's wife Elizabeth on White Collar. The loving and always supporting rock to the agent that knows all the answers and when he does not he turns to her. You might also recognize or remember her from shows that were running for years on Television like Beverly Hills 90210 (original) where she played a conniving vixen Valerie Malone, and of course who can ever forget Saved By The Bell and her role as Kelly - the most prettiest cheerleader in school. Now she is happily married and is expecting her first child in May 2010 and she looks as radiant as always.
Willie Garson - Plays Mozzie on White Collar. He is another very familliar face that has graced the screen of this show. He is Neal Caffrey's friend/sidekick and he played one also in another popular show and both films which you might know Sex and the City as Carrie's friend Stanford Blatch. He is just great at portraying characters of different arrays while maintaining his charming personality and warm demeanor. Talented and humble, he continues to allure the audience onto the small and big screen to see him in action.

Dule Hill who Plays Burton 'Gus' Guster on the USA Show Psych.

Corbin Bernsen... Henry Spencer 

Bruce Campbell... Sam Axe

Gabrielle Anwar... Fiona Glenanne


Maggie Gyllenhaal - Oscar Nominee


NBC Universal Cable Entertainment President Bonnie Hammer at The IAC Building on February 25, 2010 in New York City.

 Big Show and Kelly Kelly of Wrestling

Character Approved 2010 design honoree Yves Behar

Model Tiiu Kuik

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