Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ShowBiz Expo New York Coverage - Sunday March 28th, 2010 at NYC Hilton Hotel

The Electronic Call Sheet Producers can plan and manage their own creative workforce through the creation and instant distribution of their interactive "call sheets," which include all the necessary information for the cast and crew, including shoot locations, applicable weather/lighting conditions, contact information for set personnel, local resources, hospitals, and any other vital information. Unlike static call sheets, Doddle's "interactive call sheets" link and map to key addresses, locations, and everybody touching the set. ShowBiz Expo New York - is the largest networking event for the entertainment industry.
I attended the EXPO for the first time this year in order to check out what kind of new innovative ideas did entertainment professionals came up with this year. There were people everywhere and the music was playing loudly where you could not hear the vendors giving you their information. It was a sea of exchanging business cards and signing up for newsletters or promotional prices for workshops or other events.
Some booths were definitely more prominent than others, having to take up the space of two. The colors were bright and people were trying to snatch each new person who even looked like they would listen to their spiel. I browsed slowly through each booth to see who had what to offer and who should be featured here due to whatever reason i found fascinating.

One of the first people who really stood out from the crowd was an average sized at least in height woman wearing a strapless bridal gown, which was plastered all over with blown up signs of various tittles that she carries and movies and things that she has done to appear on the cover of newspapers like NY Post and everything Giants. 
Even if you try you can't miss her, whether its her bubbly and verbal but likable persona that screams point the camera at me or her infamous Double D physique, either way you stop and look and document. She was happy to talk to me for a minute and list all the tittles that she has under her belt at the moment and how to find her. Her fashion sense might not be up to date but she goes full throttle toward the goal she sees in sight. On an occasion she hits some unexpected bumps like during a New York Giants game at Medowlands she was escorted out by the arena security for dressing inappropriately in public. Although she really brings the spirits up during the game her garment choice was a no go that time. She wore a Santa outfit which is always a poor choice unless its Christmas or Halloween, with fishnet stockings, a bathing suit bottom and of course high heeled-boots, and who can ever forget her ginormous sparkling tiara (headgear) that she rocks on her blond head of hair. Even though nothing was falling out of her dress, it was ruled to be too provocative for the likes of fans who attended the game and especially their children. No parent wanted to expose their child to this site.

She is Sondra Fortunato; Miss Liberty USA, miss Football, Former Miss Superbowl, Miss Bronx Bomber and many more. She is a walking and talking sports memorabilia mascot- beauty- pageant- queen. Currently she is proudly shopping for a reality TV show to be made starting her, about her  and her many endeavors. To see everything Sondra go to http://www.missfootball.com/.

Later on i was fortunate to get a quick interview with Paul Molloy who is the Political/Public Relations Director of American Federation of Musicians of NYC. He shared with me what their Local 802AFM union is trying to accomplish today. The message was loud and clear as a large banner hung behind Mr. Molloy which read: "KEEP THE MUSIC ALIVE". Associated Musicians of Greater New York represent over 8500 musicians and artists in Greater Tri State area and they want to make sure that musicians keep on playing live and continue having their talent showcased in schools and on Broadway, Orchestras in Lincoln Center, Various Jazz Clubs, even David Letterman's Band and Saturday Night Live, the list keeps on going and going....these guys are everywhere. The goal is to keep musicians who play live music where they belong, in front of the people and not to replace them with pre-recorded material and to make sure they are treated financially fair by negotiating their contracts that they deserve. As a person who appreciates and loved music and being a live musician myself or at least having the training and the credentials, it is understandable and admirable the cause they are fighting and what it means to all the musicians and artists whom they are helping.
No one wants to be replaced, we are in recession already and live music from talented individuals only brings smiles to our faces and hearts as we are submerged into the classical, jazz, blues, rock, soul, country and every kind of beautiful sound there is to experience peace and serenity just for one moment. Please yourself with the sound of a live guitar and treat your ear to a piano concerto and so become one with the music. Keep on going to concerts and jazz clubs and Lincoln Center to support those talented musicians who bring their best and especially their passion to the stage to wow the audience.

Other Vendors at the ShowBiz EXPO were Schools for Acting like Stella Adler Studio of Acting NYC which is located at 31W. 27th. Street, 3rd Fl. NY. NY 10001 http://www.stellaadler.com/
  • Here are some other vendors whose booths i stopped by also like Arias Dance NYC - Studios & Theatre Space for rent http://www.royariasstudios.com/index.php?id=2637&page=danceclasses
  • HB Studio in New York - http://www.hbstudio.org/ here is their booth.
  • If you need help any kind of design you can turn to someone like John Agnesini who was also there offering his services as a Graphic Designer whose work and more info you can check out at http://johnagnesini.com/; This is him
  • More Vendors included Guys from Reels4Artists; if you are an actor/performer, they will put together to your liking your acting, singing, performing reel together for possibly reasonable amount that a poor starving actors have to spend in order to sell themselves the best. http://www.reels4artists.com/
Another Vendor had a very interesting booth and people were stopping to find out more about it. It is something innovative and apparently for your mobile/smart-phone devices - take your work on the go.
They are htttp://www.doddleme.com with their bright orange logo with a letter D in the center so you'd never forget. Their Application states that it is "The Easy Guide to Production".
  • MediaMix - http://www.mmix.net
  • TDF -Theatre Development Fund - http://www.tdf.org - According to their website they are; "TDF’s twofold mission is to identify and provide support, including financial assistance, to theatrical works of artistic merit, and to encourage and enable diverse audiences to attend live theatre and dance in all their venues."

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